Hey! Look! It’s Your Handy Aldrei fór ég suður FAQ!

Where the hell are you staging Aldrei fór ég suður this year?

Good question!

This year, we’ll be partying in a newly built warehouse-type building that Kampi, a local shrimp processing plant, is graciously allowing us to use for the purpose. The site is in the harbor area, pretty much on the spot we call Neðstikaupstaður (right by the local maritime museum and fabled restaurant Tjöruhúsið). To be exact: we’ll be partying where Ásgeirsgata and Suðurgata meet.

Who’s playing this year’s Aldrei fór ég suður festival? Are there bands? Rappers? A DJ? A comedian? What’s going on?

Good thing you asked! Here’s a brief rundown of who’s playing Aldrei fór ég suður 2016:


Iceland’s King of Comedy—the closest thing we have to a Robin Williams (miss u, Robin Williams). You might not understand his set, but you’re still going to enjoy it, damn it! 

Mamma hestur

True Ísafjörður legends, Mamma hestur features members of Kraftlyfting, Reykjavík!, Prinspóló and The Nine Elevens. Feel the steady backbeat. Feel the raging guitars. Feel the floor-trembling bass. Feel the clarinet. FEEL THE HORSE.

Strigaskór Nr. 42

A band of trailblazers: Strigaskór Nr. 42 are pure vintage Icelandic indie gold. 

Úlfur Úlfur

Úlfur Úlfur’s take on hip hop dominated Icelandic airwaves last year (not the music festival, but the actual airwaves—although they sort of dominated the festival too). For good reason, too: these guys are amazing.


It's a band that used to be huge in Ísafjörður, and they want to get to that top spot again and will stop at nothing to get it back.


Up’n coming alt.hiphop megastar GKR burst upon the scene late last year with his mega-hit “Morgunmatur,” a tender paean to the act of eating breakfast and doing your thing. Iceland’s sincerest musician will never disappoint.


Glowie came as if from out of nowhere last year, bringing with along one of Iceland’s biggest radio hits of 2015, Glowie is young, hyper-talented and a true sight to behold.

Tonik Ensemble

Musical mastermind Anton Kaldal has been at it for a long while, slowly perfecting his craft through trial and error, research, and plenty of practice. His LP “Snapshots” was widely regarded one of last year’s best Icelandic releases—he’ll show you why at Aldrei fór ég suður.


Sykur have long been celebrated as one of Iceland’s best live acts, a reputation they have earned in spades, as they’ll surely demonstrate with their set at Aldrei fór ég suður. Their truly captivating tunes will get you hooked as their singer Agnes—a born performer if there ever was one—reels you in 

Agent Fresco

Mighty prog-metallers Agent Fresco are perennial Aldrei fór ég suður favorites, highly regarded for their explosive live shows as well as their intricately composed, deeply thought out music. No wonder—the group brings together some of Iceland’s most skilled musicians.


Coming up in the mid-to-late 80s alongside The Sugarcubes and other Bad Taste favorites, Risaeðlan (AKA Reptile) are widely regarded as one of Iceland’s best ever live bands. Their albums are great too. And their coming back for Aldrei fór ég suður! Holy eff!  

Emiliana Torrini

You know her. You love her. We know her. We love her. The Fisherman’s Woman herself, Emilíana Torrini. Come melt with us.


How the hell can I purchase a ticket to Aldrei fór ég suður? How much are they, anyway?

 Great question!

We’ve never charged admittance to Aldrei fór ég suður – and we’re not doing it this year, either. Come, have fun, for free. Yes, it’s free.

How do you manage to stage a music festival like Aldrei fór ég suður for free? Are you magicians?


Nope. We are basically Muggles. However, we receive great support from a number of local companies, along with some non-local ones. Furthermore, the municipality of Ísafjarðarbær—where it all goes down—is tremendously helpful. We also sell a lot of stuff on site; you should get some. 

What if I get hungry and/or thirsty at this years Aldrei fór ég suður festival?

That’s an excellently worded, multilayered question. Take a moment to consider the answer to your last question, question number three. You’ll find that we wrote that we “sell a lot of stuff on site.” And that includes stuff you can eat, as well as stuff you can drink. Lots of stuff. Also: the festival is within walking distance of loads of shops and restaurants that can sell you many delicious things you can use to fill your belly. But, whatever it is we’ll be selling is surely the best stuff you’ll get.

BUT! What if I suddenly find myself in need of some sort of garment, like a hat or t-shirt or whatever, or maybe a temporary tattoo, at this year’s Aldrei fór ég suður festival?

That’s the greatest question of all time! Thank you!

We’ve always sold premium merch at the festival, carefully emblazoned with the festival’s name and logo and whatever else we feel emblazoning. This year will prove no exception. Call us The Emblazoners if you will. We emblazon like crazy.

And guess what! It is an undisputed fact that anyone who wears clothing emblazoned with the Aldrei fór ég suður name or logo, or dons Aldrei fór ég suður themed jewelry or perhaps an Aldrei fór ég suður temporary tattoo automatically becomes The Coolest Person around. Why? Because they’re actively sporting the coolest stuff—while actively supporting the coolest festival! It’s cool!

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